Q and A: Lids not sealing and storing water — 8 Comments

  1. I heard that the lid manufacturers changed the resin/plastic coating, so that is why the USDA has recommended leaving the jars in the hot water bath another 5 minutes after shutting off the heat/another 10 minutes in the pressure canner after pressure drops, so that the new/thinner plastic coating will seal. Check the USDA website for more info on these times, I haven’t checked recently. Check your local state university for most up-to-date canning information, too.

  2. I have also had problems with my lids this year. We buy A LOT of jars every year since we sell honey in Ball and Kerr jars at farmer’s markets (last year we sold almost 4 thousand pounds) and I also WBC for my family.

    I frequently buy cases from multiple sources (WalMart, Smart & Final, True Value hardware stores, Costco, Raley’s, Safeway…just to name a few) to get them on sale. Not only have some of the lids been sealed tight to the jars as Kay Fenlason mentioned, but I’ve also had more jar breakage this year than any other year in the past. I buy a lot of replacement lids too and have noticed some already have tiny spots of rust on them or the rubber used for the seal is not neatly applied and is instead globbed on with some of the lids.

  3. I’m a bit late with a reply, but I also had problems with Ball lids this past
    season. Within 10-15 days mine were rusting. never lost a seal but I pitched my field peas and most of my corn,the lids had rusted on the underside as well as the top. I purchased from both walmart and atwoods.
    Maybe it was just a bad year for Ball, It sure was a bad year for me. all that work in the HOT Texas sun. I sure won’t chance it this season.

  4. I use all of my Bleach bottle to store water around the yard. The bottle is so sturdy, and I thought clean that it would be perfect. W have stored it in larger barrels with a pump system on top for getting it out. We did this after 9-11 and for the millennium. We also have a regular hand pump hooked to our well.

  5. To Lids not sealing. I too had the same problem with my Ball Lids. I lost an entire batch of sweet potatoes. I was NOT happy.

  6. I purchased all my Ball lids last year at our local Fleet Farm. My friends and I didn’t have any problems out of the ordinary. Were they old lids at Walmart such as those they found in a warehouse somewhere? Hope you find out your problem. It is discouraging when you lose so many jars of product.

  7. This year I bought new jars, and the rings and lids came screwed onto the jars, instead of in a separate sleeve. This was to “save packaging costs”. I found that the some of the lids were already sealed onto the jars, probably due to heat in the warehouse or delivery truck. When the unopened case was inside, I would periodically hear the lids popping! The lids were difficult to remove, and the rubber area had a deep groove from the jar. These lids failed when canning. Had they put the lids on upside down, the problem would have been eliminated.