Our turkey hens have new nest boxes — 11 Comments

  1. Jackie,
    What was the demensions of the box width, depth & height, I want to
    make something similar since my turkey hens want to lay their eggs outside now, and not use the nest box I made for them in the coop

  2. primo,

    Sorry but the hooches were made from scrap roofing from the dump and we don’t have any more. You could probably scrounge alternative roofing in your area and build your own. They are super simple; just a box with a rounded roof. (The roof doesn’t need to be rounded; it could be a shed or gable roof, too; it’s just what worked out for us.) We have a turkey sitting on eggs in one right now and another hen just hatched out nine poults.

  3. i would like to have 2 hooches they look nice can he build 2 for me ?
    i like them a lot thanks

  4. Danielle,

    No. But you’re only a long day’s drive from our place here in northern Minnesota and we ARE having three day seminars here. We’d be happy to have you join us. Just e-mail for more information.


  5. Sue and Nancy,

    Yep, it’s messy, but it was raining and cold outside and poor Will doesn’t have a workshop….yet. It’s in the some-day planning stages; he sure needs one, doesn’t he. But it’s priorities; storage barn, house, barn THEN shop, hopefully. The guy sure does need…and deserve one!


  6. Carol Elkins,

    Thanks for the invite, but they’ve already made reservations for me. Poor Will can’t come this time but he will be coming with me to the MREA Fair in Custer, WI. I’ll be glad to meet you in Colorado!! Thanks for the great job indexing the book!


  7. Hi Jackie.

    Huge fan! I was wondering, do they ever do any seminars in Michigan??


  8. Hi Jackie,

    I’m the gal that indexed your cookbook for Backwoods Home. I live in Pueblo, CO, an hour south of Colorado Springs. I’ll make a point to come see you at the Self-Reliance Expo once I know for sure what the schedule is. Also, you and Will are welcome to my guestroom while you’re here.

    Carol Elkins

  9. Great idea…love the hooches! i hope it works for you! I could never get our turkeys to raise a clutch so we ate them. The male just got too mean to get near. these were adopted wild turkeys we raised from chicks (ran over a nest with a mower) so maybe domestic turkeys are easier.

  10. Jackie-LOVE the boxes. But —in your living room! Poor husband needs a work shed! LOL

  11. Ah, yes. People who understand the real world. No attitude of, “Eww, it’s dirty/messy.” Building turkey nest boxes IN THE HOUSE.