Q and A: Mulberry pie filling and canning pot roast — 1 Comment

  1. For mulberries, look for a blackberry pie filling recipe, it’s closer to the texture and water content of mulberries.

    I love mulberries, they were my first foraged food. Well, “foraged”. I was 6 years old, living in a townhouse in a bad neighborhood, the kind of neighborhood that gets on the news for gang fights and drug busts. But, nearby there was a cluster of brush and one mulberry tree, growing in a chain-link fence. My dad told me the berries were edible, so I’d go out there in the summer and pick until my arms got tired. I wish now that my family had been more into self-sufficiency, because we never really made anything out of those berries, but mom would give me a saucepan and potato masher and let me sit at the table and pretend I was making jam. Then I’d eat it and get all sticky and messy, but it was fun!

    (I’ve been into self-sufficiency since before I can remember, but my family wasn’t. I think they kept hoping it was a phase I’d grow out of. Given the look on their faces when I start talking rabbit or sheep breeds, I think they’re still hoping that.)