Q and A: Making cottage cheese and canning bacon — 3 Comments

  1. Jackie,

    We made your cottage cheese today and have to say it’s the best we’ve had and a lot easier than most recipes. When you have time how about sharing some of your other cheese recipes. We have 2 milking Nubian goats and an abundance of milk. Just to let you know we added the buttermilk to the cold milk and it worked fine. Will have to try adding the buttermilk when we stir in the rennet.

  2. Anita,

    Yep, I screwed up. You do add the buttermilk to the warmed milk when you stir in the rennet. Ooops. It happens!


  3. Hi, I’m sure you meant to mention that the cultured buttermilk, is in with the milk in your cottage cheese recipe. That’s how I would do it, but someone who doesn’t cook a lot may not know.