We had a ball at the MREA Fair; now it’s back to business — 4 Comments

  1. I love the hoop house! I was wondering do you leave your plastic on all year long? If so how long does it last before needing to be replaced. Also where do you get yours and what is the thickness? I live in a shorter growing season area. Last year my garden froze twice. The first time on the 4th of July and the second on August 11th. This year we are being extremely careful and everything is covered every night. We have made raised beds(using the lasagna style of building them) in order to be able to cover them easily and inexpensively. Our garden area looks like it has miniature prairie schooners and 4 poster beds through out it with all the supports for the night time covers. I would love to build a few large hoop houses like yours in our pasture, but I am concerned about the cost and longevity of the plastic vs my many raised beds. Thank you!

  2. Jackie, it’s a bit hard to tell from the photos but, it looks like you’re using regular white PVC for the frames. Have you considered electrical PVC conduit? It isn’t affected by sunlight so it lasts for years, and (at least most places) it’s slightly cheaper.
    If you aren’t using greenhouse plastic you’d still need to re-cover with new every year or so, but the frames would last for many years. I’ve installed it for customers for over 20 years and haven’t seen it wear out yet.

  3. Glad the rain that caused the flooding in Duluth didn’t hit your place. 8 inches of rain is a lot! Your hoop houses look great.

  4. So glad to hear you are getting rain. Send some to SW Missouri, okay? The hoop house looks great!