Q and A: canning pecans, dehydrated corn, and using brown sugar in canning — 3 Comments

  1. Can you tell me the difference I Pomona’s pectin and regular powdered pectin. The most common name where I live is Sure-Jel. Also, where can Pomona’s be purchased? Thanks in advance. I’m new to your site, but sure am enjoying it.

  2. Hi Jackie & Wolfsong,

    @Jackie- thank you so much for answering my question; You are a fabulous mentor, and your column is the first thing I read at BWH; I’ll be checking out the Pomona’s Universal Pectin too.

    @Wolfsong- thanks for letting me know that jams & jellies still taste good and in my case, the less sugar the better.

    Thanks again to both of you,


  3. Cheryll,
    I only use brown sugar in my jams! I discovered how tasty they are, when one early morning (4:30am!) I was canning to beat the heat, and found I was out of white sugar to make my strawberry jam. I substituted the brown, cutting back by a 1/4 of sugar, and have used it ever since.