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  1. And you can buy just plain Spinosad concentrate to dilute and spray. Whether or not it kills or controls a particular bug may depend on the life stage of the bug – read the label completely and know what you are dealing with. For bugs that pass through life stages quickly or reproduce quickly, multiple sprayings are probably going to be needed. I’m an organic gardener and so far can’t say enough positive about spinosad. The only caution is that it is toxic to bees if they are accidentally sprayed, but once the spray dries it seems not to be. The issue seems to be whether the bugs are walking on leaves or flowers still wet with the product, so if you use it on aphids you should remove all the ladybugs you can find before you spray. Once it dries they don’t seem to be affected, and only the leaf chewing bugs who ingest it will die. The only plant I’ve used it on that has been damaged is a Rocky Mountain Columbine with aphids. It did scorch the leaves.