We got our freeze — 24 degrees! — 12 Comments

  1. All,

    I’ll be happy to give anyone Hopi Grey squash seeds to anyone who wants them. Just send a SASE envelope (padded would be best!) to the magazine and they’ll forward requests on to us. Zelda, my seeds have been alternated through the years from new ones from Seed Dreams, to maintain genetic diversity so the therory that I’ve saved seeds from earliest ripening squash isn’t necessarily true. I DO try to save seeds from the best squash each year, taking into consideration shape, size and taste.


  2. I will happily send a SASE and a $ contribution. I am excited to expand my garden and improve my harvest. I am looking into getting more heirloom seeds so I can collect seeds and stop buying, so I can be more self-sufficient.

  3. My Hopi Pale Grey from Baker Creek seeds didn’t look quite like Jackie’s. I’m with Danielle, I’d like some of Jackie’s seeds too. Will a SASE get us some or are there too many of us wanting them?

  4. It is so good to see such a harvest. My Grandparents had an incredible one when I was younger, I spent every summer with them. Now, 30 yrs later I am growing a small garden with my daugher and grand-daughter. We truly enjoy it. The plans for next summer is to add on. I do have one question: would it be possible to get a few of the Hopi Pale Grey squash seeds? I have been reading about them for 3 years now, and would love to grow some of my own. Thank You for all your hard work and help.

  5. I have never seen Hopi Pale Gray squash! So excited to finally see some – thanks Jackie! The drought continues for Texas – this a.m. it was 60 degrees when we we took dog baby for an outing. So glad about your garden. Early winter for all of us, I think.

  6. Thank you so much for the pictures especially of the Hopi Pale Gray squash! I have some!! I’m so excited. Can’t wait to try one. We’ll be picking them tomorrow.

  7. So proud to see you give GOD the credit for your blessings ! Many fail to do so ! or do not believe- – – I am so glad to know you and “yours” thru the pages- -we are homesteaders also ! ! !

  8. you do have a very good harvest this year ,thanks so much for the pictures of hopi pale grey.can’t hardly wait for mine to get ready.GOD was definetely with you . happy canning.

  9. WOW! Things are finally ripening here in western Washington & I am rapidly harvesting our Cherokee Purple tomatoes too. Glad to see your wonderful bounty!