Q and A: fruit flies and canning pizza sauce — 3 Comments

  1. Mia,

    Good thinking!!! We homesteaders are such a creative bunch! I’ll sure use John’s method. I’ve got tons of tomatoes all over the house and with them, there’s sure to be fruit flies.


  2. Thanks Jackie! We are loaded with tomatoes for the first time! They really loved this summer’s heat and the south facing wall we planted them against. As for the fruit flies, John got creative. We wound up taking the bowl the peach skins and pits were in, covering it with Saran wrap and taping it around the the bowl. Then we used a tooth pick and punched little holes in the top. We set it in another room and by the end of the night we had caught thousands! I went from working with a swarm in the kitchen down to 5 over night!!

  3. For fruit flies…rather than ruin a canning lid. Roll a paper cone with a fairly small hole. Put into any type of jar that has something good in the bottom…ripe banana, vinegar/sugar, or some of what you are canning that attracted them in the first place. They will fly down into the bottle but will not be able to get out.