Q and A: green detergents, making pickles, and pear jelly — 6 Comments

  1. On the pear jelly,

    Use the pear syrup you have and bring to a boil, at this point you will need to add a low sugar pectin and possibly a little bit of sugar depending on how much you have already put into the syrup.

    Bring to boil and boil until it sheets off a cool spoon.

    Remove from heat and ladle into hot sterilized jars, wipe rims, put on lids, and water bath can for 10 minutes.

  2. Kathy,

    Oops. The 1/4 cup is for light loads, the 1/2 cup (of either!) is for heavier dirt. For real heavy dirt, use a bit more.


  3. I’ve made pickles the exact way you have described. I “think” the vinegar itself prevents new bacterial growth. All I know is that it works. It’s how my grandma did it, and how my family did it, and how I do it.