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Jackie Clay

Q and A: missing canner weight and removing stumps

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Missing canner weight

I recently found that in a move the 10# weight for my canner was lost. Since I had a canner dial I thought I would just keep pressure at 11 to 12# which I normally use to can meat. I did notice that the 15# weight I had to use didn’t jiggle but I did all else as normal, including venting for 10 minutes, bringing up to pressure and cooling. Do you feel that it would have any effect with the weight not jiggling on the canned pork or hot dogs? Everything sealed well and looks fine. (I figured it was just like using my old canner which had only a dial.)

M.S. Jacobs
Orangeburg, South Carolina

My canner has a three way weight as well as a dial. I can at 11 pounds pressure for my altitude. So what I do is use the 15# selection on the weight and adjust my heat to keep the dial at 11 pounds. I vent my canner with the weight off for ten minutes after steam blows out in a strong stream then put the weight in place. My 15 pound weight does not jiggle unless I let the heat get too high and the pressure rises near 15 pounds. Hope this helps you. — Jackie

Removing stumps

I have a suggestion regarding the removal of stumps. My husband witnessed this many years ago. After logging a large piece of property, a gentleman turned hogs onto the fenced property. He took the pointed end of a tamping bar and worked deep holes under the roots. He then poured feed of some kind in those holes. The hogs eventually uprooted the stumps to get every bit of the feed. This is not a quick fix, but it did work for this gentleman. He eventually sold his cleared property and it is now covered with homes.

Bernice Lax
Ethel, Washington

Thanks for the tip. Yes, this does definitely work. You can also use hogs to root up packed manure in barn pens, using the same method. Both have worked for us. With the stumps, it does take awhile but they’ll dig them up. — Jackie

One Response to “Q and A: missing canner weight and removing stumps”

  1. Nana from Texas Says:

    I lost mine too and bought a replacement on Ebay.

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