Q and A: raising hogs, pinto beans, and pigs eating walnuts — 2 Comments

  1. Julie,

    I can believe that. I ate pork once that had been only fed soybean meal sweepings from the elevator. The fat was so soft and oily that the pork was nearly inedible! With everything, moderation is the key!


  2. I just wanted to comment that my father and his friend raised pigs together for home consumption and his friend was a very frugal older German man.. he decided he did not want to pay for pig food with my father so told my father to just feed his pig the walnut hulls from processing on our walnut orchard. Well the pigs were butchered and processed and the man found that his pork was ruined by the oiliness and overly walnut taste of the pork meat. It was talk among the families for years that because the man was so cheap he ruined a good pig.