Q and A: canning pickled eggs and Amish coleslaw — 5 Comments

  1. Judy,

    The eggs don’t get any more rubbery with longer storage than they do when they are freshly pickles. You can leave them on the shelf to use when you want. I use the Amish coleslaw, drained, in many recipes from egg roll stuffing to stir fries and casseroles! Very versatile.


  2. Trina,

    I’ve never had eggs turn grayish color. Did you use any unusual spices? Sometimes spices discolor foods when they are pickled. I probably wouldn’t eat your eggs. Check your recipe (use mine!) and try again.


  3. I love the Amish Coleslaw recipe and have lots of jars made up. Franci has a great idea about the egg rolls. I need to try that. My question is about the canned pickled eggs. Do they tend to become rubbery after a length of time and should be eaten within the a few months, or can they remain on the storage shelf for long term storage? Right now I have lots of eggs ready to go in the jars. Thank you Jackie!

  4. re: Amish Coleslaw
    Just a big thank you for the recipe for Amish Coleslaw. It is just delicious. I planted way too much cabbage and its now all in jars waiting to make eggrolls, stir fry, and salad. Great timeing when I was faced with multiple heads of Flat Dutch Cabbage. So nice to have a good vegetable available in winter. One head of the cabbage is trying to be sauerkraut. So far it hasn’t spoiled but seems to be taking a while to ferment. Thanks for that recipe also.

  5. I pickled eggs for the first time this year. I water bathed them, and they turned grayish color, I don’t know if I should eat them or not. Good luck with yours.