Q and A: canned fried apples, farmhouse floors, and canner — 3 Comments

  1. David,

    Thanks for tellling us of your experience. I’m sure different bases work different for different woods, climates and people. If not, they probably wouldn’t have both. The smell is definitely better with water base, but my water base poly only lasted for 4 years in our bedroom and I’ve had oil base last that and longer in high traffic areas. Again, thanks for telling what worked for you!


  2. In the Farmhouse floors you suggested oil base poly. I have done two floors, one with water based poly and one with oil base poly. Believe it or not the water base poly seemed to do better than the oil base and the smell of the water base was much easier on the breathing. The oil base poly smell seemed to linger much longer. They both held up very good. Just food for thought from past experience.

  3. Thanks Jackie. I was thinking it would be more like watching a water bath canner. I’ll stick to what I’ve got and just keep knitting while watching. Donna Herlihy in NH