Q and A: canning soup, induction stovetop, rancid brown rice — 3 Comments

  1. another canning heat source is to buy a 30,000 btu propane burner, like the ones people use to fry turkeys.

    This has the added benefit of doing your work outdoors where things are less messy. in fact, you can keep the burner, plus a movable worktable, and a water hose in the garage; then you can wheel them out for a days work.

  2. To Sheryl:
    I don’t think a regular pressure canner would work on an induction stove because it is made from aluminum. For induction heat to work there has to be a certain amount of ferrous metal (iron , steel, some stainless steel also works) in the pot itself. Most modern cookware has an “encapsulated bottom”, that is there’s a piece of steel sandwiched between two layers of aluminum. As far as I know pressure canners (at least the All-American one without the gasket) are not made with any steel in the bottom; maybe the others are built differently. An enameled-steel water bath canner should work just fine, though.