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Jackie Clay

Q and A: lemon powder and storing smoked tomatoes

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Lemon powder

About six weeks ago I dehydrated lemons and made lemon powder. It now looks clumpy in the jar. I dried the lemons then put in food processer then dried again. Is this normal?

Robin Putman
Coolville, Ohio

Sometimes this happens, even with dry, dried powdered foods like your lemons or even onion powder. As long as there’s no condensation droplets on the jar the powder should be fine. Just chop it up with a fork before using. — Jackie

Storing smoked tomatoes

I smoke whole tomatoes using my Cameron Smoker every year and freeze them. I was wondering how I could can them. Oil wouldn’t be feasible because it might get rancid. Water would only dilute the taste of the tomatoes, so how else could I do them?

Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania

I’d suggest dehydrating your smoked tomatoes. Just slice them into ½-inch slices or in half if they’re small cherry or plum tomatoes then lay in a single layer on your dehydrator tray. Dry until leather-like. They’ll taste great this way and stay good for years if stored in an airtight container. — Jackie

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