Q and A: growing zucchini with Hopi Pale Grey squash and canning milk — 8 Comments

  1. Tauna,

    I checked out the Harris catalog and couldn’t find Hopi Pale Grey squash listed, only Blue Hubbard which kind of looks like HPGs.

  2. Kelli,

    One stamp isn’t usualy enough as the seeds really do need padding to keep them from being crushed in the mail=processing machines. Envelopes should be padded envelopes to prevent this but folks who have sent regular envelopes will find I’ve added padding and also extra postage as some kind people have sent extra stamps.

  3. Margie,

    Check out my article on seed saving in issue 129 of the magazine for complete details. You can plant any summer squash and other species of squash but for your C. maxima Hopi Pale Greys, such as butternut. But don’t plant any other C. maxima pumpkin or squash (many winter squash are C. maximas). If your nearby neighbors plant C. maximas, they may or may not pollinate with yours. You’ll just have to wait and see. You don’t see any oddballs the first year but will the second, after you have saved and planted the crossed seeds.


  4. Jackie, I was just wondering if when I send my self addressed stamped envelope for some Hopi seed, if one stamp is enough for the postage? Thanks :)

  5. I purchased Hopi Pale from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Im trying to plant only Heirloom seeds. I not sure have far apart to plant on kind fron the other and what cant be planted near the Hopi

  6. Tauna,

    I didn’t realize that Harris carried Hopi Pale Grey squash. I’ll have to check it out. I’d like more companies to carry it to help it from going extinct.


  7. LOVE the picture of the canned squash! I will be trying that this week. I’m glad to know it can be a pumpkin pie. I bought some of the Hopi seeds last year from Harris. I hope they are the pure ones you talk about. Your pics of them look the same as mine.
    I still have 5 of the squash in my storage. They have done well. I can’t say the same for my banana squash. (Hopi is so much yummier!)

    Hope you stay dug out from the snow. I’m ready for spring.
    Have you got all your garden starts going?

  8. This message is for Cathy. Would mind sharing your recipe for making sweetened condensed milk? I actually have quite a bit of evaporated milk (10lb cans) the I have made yogurt from, but would love to see if I could tweak your recipe and then can. Any info would be helpful! Have a great Friday!