Just what we needed — more snow! — 7 Comments

  1. Ruth Ann,

    You can start peppers and tomatoes now. Four weeks before your last frost date, you can start broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and melons. Squash and pumpkins if you want to get a head start. Don’t plant these sooner; they’ll set back when you plant them into the garden. Of course you can also start some flowers indoors too, if you have the room. Petunias can go in now with other annuals such as marigolds, impatients, begonias, morning glories, etc in another 2 weeks or so. Watch what kind of seed starting soil you use. Don’t waste your money and time planting in “potting soil” or cheap “top soil”. It is nearly all heavy peat and way too dense and acid for seedlings to grow in. Use a designated seed starting soil that contains perlite or vermiculite as well as milled (fine) peat or spaghnum moss.

  2. Cindy,

    Yep, I’ve started two varieties of onions, Ailsa Craig and Copra as well as 15 different kinds of peppers…so far. The beavers are under three feet of snow and 18″ of ice so I haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since late fall. I’ll keep you posted when they tell me something. So far they’ve hit the nail right square on the head. They’re laughing out loud…from their houses snug under the snow.

  3. Wally,

    We have 120 acres. About 2/3 is woods, with the rest in pasture. No, we don’t have our own hayfields. So far we are haying 2 farms at no cost to us as the folks want to keep their fields from growing up to brush. We’re lookig for more relatively near to our place so we can produce more of our own hay. Every year we clear a bit more land but a lot of our land is relatively low and won’t ever be able to be plowed/planted into crops.

  4. I want to start some seed. My problem is I don’t know what to start. Our last frost date is May 15 so we plant around then or sooner. What seed should I be starting now to be ready for planting. I know some things can be planted out in April as they like the cold weather. Thanks Jackie.

  5. Have you started any plants inside yet? I am assuming you have! You have snow banks like we do. BUT it’s much nicer than last winter! So have the beavers said anything about summer yet or are they still laughing at us about winter? Thank you for sharing!

  6. Its fun to see the pictures and hear how you are dealing with winter and the snow. How much land do you have now and can you make all your own hay? How many acres are for pasture, hay fields, wood gathering ect.?

  7. YES! It is that time of year when we have to trust past experience and NOT get out into the garden too soon.