Will’s friend, Christian, joins our homestead — 11 Comments

  1. A milking shorthorn? Wow! We only have Jersey and Jersey crosses here. Now I’m really jealous (not that Jersey’s are a poor choice, they are just the only choice).

  2. Beth,

    Yes, Lace was in a dairy before we bought her for our wedding present to each other. Then we have milked her here on our homestead. I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience with your 12 year old girls! There are younger folks around who aren’t so disrespectful and truly wish to learn. Perhaps you could contact some homeschooling groups in your area. I know many older homeschoolers really want to learn homesteading skills and often come from homesteading families.

  3. I know Christain from Washington state. Great person to have on the team, I know from our sustainabliity ideas on housing improvements that he is a great resource to have.

  4. What a bag on that girl!! Is she already broke to milk? Dairy stock is so hard to find around here. Glad to hear about your intern… a win-win for everyone. Just had some serious spine surgery and will probably be out of the garden this summer. I love the idea of passing on our skill set to a younger generation, Jackie But can’t find any motivated young people around. I had 2 twelve year olds down last summer to show them how to make jam. When I got to the important stage of dipping the hot jam into the jars, these girls went off pilfering and I walked into my bedroom where they were holding loaded guns!! The only kind hubs keeps. They had been told not to go in there, but thought I couldn’t leave the stove. This is very discouraging. Beth

  5. Northern Iowa,

    I make tons of dairy products and give my friend, Jeri, milk, too. I make yogurt (several flavors), fresh soft cheeses, hard cheeses, mozzarella, cottage cheese and more. Plus I do can milk which is great for cooking during dry times when the critters aren’t milking. Then there’s butter, cultured buttermilk, ice cream and…..

  6. Elizabeth,
    Lace is a purebred Milking Shorthorn and she was bred to a Milking Shorthorn bull. We were hoping for a heifer desperately, but she just calved….another big bull calf. Bummer.

  7. Glad you are getting along pretty good. What do you plan to do with all that milk you are going to get?:) I have two goats and get a 1 1/2 gallons a day and have more than I can process making cheese, butter and drinking. I have thought about canning it but unsure so that is why I wonder.

    The garlic looks great!!

  8. Glad you’re on the mend Jackie. That’s great that you’ll have Christian to help out!

  9. As long as you can hold down the fort and let your knee heal and if Will and Christian can get the garden in and keep the live stock from stampeding, I think your summer has a pretty good chance of being OK, Jackie. :-)

  10. Your cow looks beautiful! I am quite jealous as we have been looking for a milk cow for awhile. She looks Jersey-ish. Was she bred to a “milk” bull? Are you looking for a milking heifer?


  11. Oh my, that looks painful, good luck with your helper, what a blessing that will be. Glad your knee is better.