Will and Christian got the tomatoes planted — 10 Comments

  1. Jackie until I got too old I used to be an equine massage therapist. When I had a horse who was lamed up generally from inflamation I would rub in DMSO with the massage. It helped the horse but it helped my poor old hands and fingers too. I started using DMSO on my knees when they ached from a days work. Quit having problems with my knees and I still use the DMSO now into my late 70’s. If you haven’t tried it you might think about it. You can get DMSO from most vet supple stores or farriar stores. Good luck to you and God Bless you. Wes

  2. Beth,

    Most of the time, you have to wait several months to determine the sex of turkey poults. Generally, the larger ones are toms, the smaller, hens.

  3. zelda,

    We’re lucky, as we have so many wild fruits that the birds don’t bother ours IF we pick them as soon as they are ripe. A couple days later and we have no fruit! This goes with the wild fruit too. Often, I’ve been picking pin cherries and had a flock of cedar waxwings light in the same tree and begin gobbling fruit right above me, all the while scolding me for “stealing” their cherries!
    To keep birds out of fruit, the only thing that dependably works is to cover the bushes/trees with netting. Some folks build PVC frames over them to hold the net away as the birds will reach through the netting to get fruit. Very clever birds!
    Yeah, the Doctor knows I’m pretty active and even advised using the knee as much as I could. I think I over-did it when I planted 52 tomatoes in a day, using that leg to shove the shovel into the ground (I’m left-footed!). Oh well, live and learn. But the plants did get in!

  4. I’m in Cleveland Texas and my garden just is horrible this year. We had heat waves and then very cold 30 degrees weather early in May and my plants just now really producing and with the heat here now they all look burnt.

  5. I have 4 (1 month old) turkeys, how old do they have to be to tell their sex?

  6. also it is raining AGAIN here.. We have 6 fields and only two are planted. They are usually done and some growing by the end of april.. Not looking good..

  7. Jackie how do you keep the birds from eating your cherries? Last year they ate mine when they were still little and green. And they strip my serviceberry bushes, elderberries and strawberry plants. I’d love to know how you get anything to eat. Sandy is right – your doctor couldn’t possibly know what your days are like or he’d have told you to stay in bed with your leg propped up with ice on your knee 20 minutes on and 20 off for at least 6 hours a day. Your swelling and pain sure sound like overuse too soon after surgery. And I’m with Cindy re loaning out Christian – and I have a todo list too!!

  8. Does your doctor have ANY IDEA what you do in a given day? He might have suggested a little restraint when he found out! Sooooo glad you are better. We all hurt when you do. Blessings.

  9. Chuckle, chuckle on the beavers!! Thanks for their update. But so far we have had a lot of rain. But maybe I’ll get that mulch out anyway!!

    I am so glad that your knee is finally healing. Now you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors a lot better!

    Your orchard is so beautiful. I hope you get a lot of apples and fruit. Mr. Tom better be careful out in the garden! I think he just wanted his picture taken!!

    Anytime you want to loan out Christian I have a to do list!! chuckle, chuckle