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Jackie Clay

Q and A: canning whey and holes in apple tree

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Canning whey

My husband makes cheese from goats milk and the whey is great in the garden. My question I like cooking with the whey, can I can a batch of it up to have in my pantry when the goat dries up? The whey makes the biscuits so fluffy.

Coos Bay, Oregon

To tell the truth, I’ve never tried to can whey. I can milk, cheese, and butter so I don’t know why you couldn’t can whey, using the same process as you do with milk. If you give it a try, let us know how it turns out. — Jackie

Holes in apple tree

I have an older Jonathon apple tree that has drill holes all around the trunk and some on the limb. Is there something I can paint on the tree to stop this. I think its a bird that is doing this the other two trees are fine so far. Glad to hear your knee is doing better.

Dena Britton
SouthWest City, Missouri

Thank you,. Every day my knee feels better. It sounds like you have a sap sucker working over your apple tree. They drill rows of holes in the bark to encourage the flow of sap. They then lick up the sap with their tongues. This practice can weaken trees so it’s best to discourage your bird(s). Usually wrapping the trunk with aluminum window screen or even burlap will effect a move to another tree, hopefully out of your yard. Treating the tapped area with a sticky substance such as Tanglefoot that is used on apple maggot traps also discourages tapping. You also might try hanging the balloon-like “bird eye” bird repellents from the tree. — Jackie

2 Responses to “Q and A: canning whey and holes in apple tree”

  1. teri hill Says:

    These may be the holes left by cicadas – I have holes like this in all my trees – they form a ring around the trunk of the tree

  2. Margaret Shatford Says:

    In my opinion, the heat from canning whey would destroy the good bacteria in the whey that makes baked products rise. If the taste of whey in baking is all that is desired then canning would not be a problem. It would be like canning kefir or buttermilk, the flavor would be there but not the leavening properties.

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