Q and A: sugar in canning and spraying the orchard — 1 Comment

  1. Sheila, in addition to the things Jackie suggested, I can tell you that I’ve had great control spraying with Spinosad (an organic control), starting before the blossoms open and about every 2 weeks until the fruit is picked. Anythiing that feeds on leaves, shoots or buds sprayed with it will die pretty quickly. I also use fruit socks, or apple maggot protectors, although they are a new level in tediousness to put on. I use them on peaches, apricots, plums and cherries too. The apple maggot traps Jackie mentioned are not at all expensive and they’ve worked for me as have yellow sticky strips. Red plastic or paper balls coated with Tanglefoot or Vaseline also work, as does Tanglefoot on tree trunks. Where I live, neem oil has not lived up to the hopes we all had for it, and I don’t use it much any more except on aphids. Surround is another control that hasn’t been all that effective here, for the reasons Jackie mentioned. You will probably get the best protection using a variety of control methods – I do that because there isn’t any one thing that has protected my crops. Be sure to keep leaves, grass and other plant debris away from the bottom of the trunk and to prune, feed and water your trees to keep them as healthy as possible.