Q and A: limescale in canner and raccoons in the corn patch — 7 Comments

  1. We have had good luck with planting pumpkins/squash on the field/wood side of the corn rows. Racoons sit up to look around and the pumpkins/squash plants are too tall for them to see over.

  2. Sorry, forgot one element. My hubby puts steel posts at the corners for stability.

  3. I totally agree with the electric fence around the corn patch. For several years we’ve used 12″ chicken wire with fiberglass posts. This year my fiberglass ones had been used elsewhere, so we substituted used 1/2″ pvc. Worked just as well. The coons can’t get under, through or over. You just weave the post through the holes in the chicken wire. (Just make sure you don’t get the rubber coated wire) Drive them into the ground and attach your fencer. We use a solar fencer.

  4. Marlene,

    The tassels come first and if you look down along the stalk, you’ll see little flags which are the very beginnings of the ears. Once the tassels mature, the ears are beginning to form and you’ll see green silk, ready to receive the pollen from the tassels. Then after being pollinated, the tassels slowly turn brown until they are dark and the kernels are ripe.

  5. Agree with Jackie on the electric fence. We’ve tried “it all” and the only thing that keeps them away is the electric fence.

  6. friends put in a small garden on our acre, they have corn with tassles, but no corncobs on the plant just leaves. seems kinda odd to me, does the cobs come on later?

  7. After a few days, the coons will overcome their fear of the radio. Light keep them away, too. So, I would try light the second night. If the raccoons have been acclimated to lights and sound by being around homes, neither will work. They get into the attic right over my head while the tv is on. One night, a raccoon was coming up the porch steps to come inside and get her kits that fell through my ceiling. There were three policepersons and two EMTs (for me), and the raccoon just kept coming. It sounds like there are too many to trap. I trap raccoons every year and, as you said, others move into the neighborhood. Yes, I live in the city.