Got compost? — 9 Comments

  1. I don’t can any more, but had a juicer for several years. Loved it! A friend of mine takes her chicken carcasses, vegetables and seasonings, or beef bones, etc. and makes chicken broth or beef broth with her juicer. She then pressure cans it. It is unbelievably good.

  2. I love my Mehu Liisa. We picked it up at a Mennonite store in our region 15 years ago or more. I sometimes do tomatoes in it to thicken them up. I poke them with a knife, toss them in the top, and after they split and some of the clear juice comes off I let them cool a bit and pull the skins off, then can as usual.

  3. I have had my “juicer” for a few years now and love, love, love it!! When I do apple juice, I add the spices that make it a nice spiced apple juice. Then with the pulp that is left over, I run it through a food mill. Then can the pulp! Voila! Spiced apple sauce or you can make it into apple butter. The same with pears too! So, you are actually doing two things at once. What a time saver, just check the water level now and then.

  4. I have a steam-juicer, another brand but stainless steel, and I LOVE it. I just finished juicing 42 quarts of plum juice to be made into jelly this winter. I drain the juice into a large pot then bring it to a boil, ladel into quart jars, then seal and process in the water bath. I have read to do it this way and also read to drain the juice directly into jars, put on the seals and put on the shelf. That sounds too much like open kettle method to me. Maybe water bath the jars?
    Any way, congrats on the juicer!

  5. Stef,

    Yep. And it’s that, really. A friend who raises beef cattle sends his rotted manure in to have it analyzed and “priced”. It came back to be as valuable as commercial fertilizer, hundreds of dollars per ton. Plus it adds organic matter to the soil, which commercial fertilizer doesn’t!

  6. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the juicer/steamer. One point we would like to make is that before you drain the juice into your canning jars (if you’re making juice to drink) we’ve found that turning off the heat under the juicer for a couple of minutes prevents the very hot juice from cracking your canning jars (that have been sterilized and heated). This is good way to use those 1/2 gallon canning jars “they” are telling you not to use for canning. We’ve had our unit for several years and it still looks brand new. Would suggest only buying the stainless steel unit from Finland and not the aluminum one.