Our fruit, both tame and wild is … well … running wild — 6 Comments

  1. Do you have any tips for keeping the fruit on the tr5ees and out of the deer’s mouths long enough for it to get ripe? My peach tree is on its 3rd year since I planted it and for the first time had not only peaches but was loaded. I was so excited to be able to can my own instead of buying from others, then one day I went out and the limbs were stripped, fruit and most of the leaves, all gone! I could have sat down and cried right then and there.

  2. Dennis,

    We are oh so jealous! Our plums didn’t get the care our apples and cherries did so they’re behind. But we do have hopes for the future! Enjoy your bounty.

  3. Holly,

    Yes, you can freeze the cherries if you’re pushed for time. You just simmer the cherries/berries using a tiny bit of water to get them started cooking down before they scorch. Then simmer and stir until they are very soft. Hang in a damp jelly bag over night to extract the juice. OR buy a Mehu-Liisa steam juicer!! I was given one as a gift from the folks who came to our last spring’s seminar and I’m getting three to four times more juice without the cooking, stirring and jelly bag! It’s well worth the cost.

  4. I enjoy your articles. We are having a good year in Georgia too. I pulled almost 20 lbs of red plums off 2 trees that have only been planted for 2 years. I was worried some of the limbs would break, but they held. Lots of plum jam.

  5. Beautiful trees. I have hopes our local orchard was not frozen out again this year as it had for the last several. Looking forward to honest to goodness tree ripened apples!

  6. Hi Jackie,
    We are really enjoying this great season of lots of berries. I was just wondering if one is strapped for time, could you freeze pin cherries and make use of them later? Also, what are the steps for getting the seeds out of the berries for jelly? I get tired just looking at all you and Will do there!
    Your friend Holly