Q and A: canner weights and Hopi Pale Grey squash — 4 Comments

  1. Robin,

    If the squash looks light blue-gray, it’s mature. If not, it will still keep but not be as sweet and some of the seeds may not be mature and won’t continue to mature in storage. I can in any jar that the lids and rings fit on. Some folks say the jars aren’t as strong and will break but I’ve never had this experience and I’ve canned at both normal and high altitudes all my life.

  2. Jackie, my Hopi squash vines are dying out do I still wait until hard frost to pick? Also I was given several boxes of older jars; some looked to be the old fodgers coffee jars, lids and rings fit. Could I use these to can in? Thank you.

  3. The instructions I have been given are that you need 11# of pressure in a dial canner but can use the 10# weight in a weighted canner. A little bit higher is not a big problem. Good thing since I have an electric stove and most of my pressure canning seemed to make it to 12# and not lower when I used the dial. Since I got the weights, it is a lot better.

  4. I was just wondering about the 5-10-15 pound weight for 11 pounds of pressure. I’ve pressure canned a few things this week, and I am getting pretty tired of watching the gauge like a hawk for an hour and a half straight, and my 2 year old and husband are too! Ok, off to get a weight.