Q and A: cooking down tomato sauce, steam juicer, and homemade margarita mix — 5 Comments

  1. October 3rd, 2013
    I have the cook n home juicer and extractor which I love but also disappointed that there were no directions. I am wanting to find out if it can be used for tomatoes. I am in need of a QUICK EASY method to use up tomatoes.

  2. I’ve just processed a lot of crabapples for juice and found that it DID only take an hour to get lots of juice from them. My cherries, chokecherries and pin cherries took 5 hours though.

  3. Karen,

    Rick gave very good information. Most of the apples I use for juice would definitely classify as seconds; the first quality I can as sliced apples for baking.

  4. I am not familiar with steam juicing, however for making jams or apple sauce etc I often use seconds from a local orchard…I have my own trees but I live in a deep valley and we get a lot of late frosts, so many years I must purchase my fruit from the orchard (they told me if I want consistent fruit production to buy a few acres on a hilltop) What they sell as seconds may have blemishes from hail for instance, or be smaller or larger than their first quality fruit. If I am purchasing for appearance such as apples or pears for eating fresh I buy firsts, but for many canning purposes what do I care if the skin has a blemish if I am going to peel it, or if the size is a little too big or on the small side. Some really large peaches I cut in quarters to fit the quart jars. However I doubt if seriously bruised fruit would be acceptable for my purposes, and probably not for yours either. Jackie may have a better answer concerning the steam juicing aspect.