There is life after frost! — 4 Comments

  1. Ninety Hopi Pale Grey!! How wonderful!! So happy that you had such a great harvest this year.
    I grew the San Marzano for the first time this year. They grew beautifully, but I only ever harvested one red one. Since they are still in the garden, I’ll pick mine to ripen in the house before freezing too. I learn so much from your blog, Jackie.

  2. congratulations on your Hopi crop. Knowing how much they run, I can’t imagine how you had space for anything else! I’m really glad you had a bumper year for all your work.

  3. Jackie !
    Glad you where able to harvest all those Hopi squach. I will buy some of the seeds when you are ready to sell them. I am sure right now it is canning and more canning. We finaly have temps under 100. I am getting ready to look for property in the high country to start my own little homestead. I enjoy reading all that you and Will do.