We’re making good use of a beautiful week — 8 Comments

  1. Jackie, I see nothing unusual about your kitchen photo. Mine usually has a white plastic bucket for things destined for the compost heap, and cooling jars of something fresh from the canner. And speaking of feeling like one is sticking to the floor, come to my house when I take honey off a few days from now. ( I know it should have been done before this, but as we all know a homesteaders life is sometimes comprised of moving from one job to another that can’t wait any longer and I wasn’t in honey mode). We are now in a warm streak of weather which is expected to last for a few more days, so it’s better to work with honey now than wait til winter is past and the hives are getting ready to swarm come May 2014…. Anyway my wife hates it when we work with honey in the kitchen, and she refuses to even go outdoors when I work the bees. Regardless of how careful we try to be there are bound to be honey drips where we don’t want them, and before clean up can really progress there is that extractor to take apart and clean and sticky jars to wipe off. This is the worst thing we do every summer or should I say fall this year. I don’t mind working the hives. It is the clean up after the jarring of the honey that is such a chore….. The garden harvest is bounteous and sooo welcome this year. For a couple years due to health concerns my gardening was pretty insignificant in comparison to a normal year….thank God for restored health and homegrown food and a fattening larder. I can even face the cleanup of honey season joyfully….. Jackie you and Will are awesome!!!So glad I got to know you through BHM…..Rick

  2. Well, add me to the list of those glad to hear someone else has a kitchen you don’t want anyone to see after a day of canning. One side of my kitchen is the countertop where I put the canning jars to cool and the other is the side where I do the work. I would only show a picture of the cooling jars.

  3. Jackie, you are so kind to show us fellow homesteaders your kitchen. My kitchen looks the same…pots on the floor and all.

    I loved your last two sentences in this blog post. “You NEVER get all you “need” to get done, but you just keep pecking away at it. That’s life.” I think I might print that out and frame it. That’s so true on a homestead..

    Elizabeth’s comment about the sticky floor made me smile. I hate sticking to the floor…just ask my kids…but it happens a lot this time of the year. :)

  4. That looks just like my kitchen! The only thing that’s missing is the sound of my sticky footsteps as I walk across the floor!

  5. Jackie ! seeing your kitchen makes me feel so much better. I was hoping I am not the only one with a mess while canning. I love and admire all that you do.

  6. Jackie, seeing your kitchen did my heart good. I thought I was the only one that had a kitchen that looked like a tornado went through during canning season.

  7. I’m so glad someone else has a kitchen that looks like mine during harvest season… but the temporary mess is well worth the long term gain of all that yummy food for winter.

  8. Looks just like my kitchen every fall! Oh, well. The benefits are fantastic! I have a canning tip I’d like to share. You know all those old, cruddy cookie sheets we all have? Since I’ve finally replaced them with new, I use the old ones for canning. I put my empty jars on them to fill them up. Keeps the mess contained & off my counter. Then when the jars come out of the canner, I put a towel on the clean cookie sheet and put the full jars back on it. Then I can move them around the kitchen as needed, i.e., out of the way for the next batch of canning, over to the sink to wash them, etc. That way, I’m only making one trip with the jars instead of 10. Saves time & mess. Win-win!