With snow in the forecast, we’re going double-time — 5 Comments

  1. Betsy,

    We store our potatoes and apples in plastic bins with covers and carrots in large insulated coolers with tops. We have never had trouble with mice. But then we have a good cat and have run a “trap line” in the pantry….just to be sure!

  2. I just drove down the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Tyson is located there. You should see the shape those poor spent chickens are in when they arrive to become meat for your table. Better to raise you own if possible

  3. Wow, you’ve accomplished a lot! Still need to get the potatoes out of the ground here in Michigan. Hopefully this weekend!

  4. Jackie,

    How do you keep mice and other critters out of the potatoes, carrots, apples, etc. that you store? Thanks for a great blog!!