Q and A: chili sauce too hot, canning brine, and crumbly biscuits — 6 Comments

  1. For too spicy/hot sauce, add a dairy product to tone it down. Sour creme, Cheese or even Butter works very well.

  2. For the too-hot sauce, I would make another batch, without the spice and combine them. I’ve done that with too salty baked beans that raw potato didn’t fix. They were *really* salty!

  3. I add my vote for the sugar. It will tone down the heat. As an aside, it is also good for putting on your lips if you get something too spicy on them and they start to burn.

  4. I like canning hot relish, peppers, salsas, etc. My problem was that the product would be very hot before I canned it, and too mild after. I have to make it pretty blazing to get the heat I want. Canning it MIGHT take some heat out. If you have the time, and it can ferment for a bit longer, you might try making it again, but without heat. Maybe even half a recipe of it. Let it ferment for a bit, then combine the two. I don’t know what your recipe called for, but maybe some pureed and strained tomatoes woult do the trick? Good luck!

  5. Deborah, the only way I know to cut down on heat is to add sugar. You will need to taste to make sure it doesn’t make it too sweet but it will cut down on the heat. I’m not sure how this will effect the canning process at all.