Q and A: family and recanning tomatoes and tomato sauce — 4 Comments

  1. TXCOMT,

    That’s just how we feel too. No matter how tough times get, there’ll always be a job market for those who do useful things. As David grew up on a homestead, he’s done that since the get go and has a whole sleeve full of real down-to-earth knowledge of basic work skills. And work ethic, sadly lacking in a whole lot of folks today.

  2. Jackie, even though I’m fairly new your blog and BHM (compared to many who comment here), I’m glad to hear David is learning to DO something in college! We’ve got too many kids (and adults) spending lots of money getting useless degrees that will mostly take them to jobs involving keyboards and monitors. When things go south and those folks need real-world knowhow to survive, David will be among the few who will have to show ’em!

  3. Jackie & Will
    I received my seed order today and will get the tomatoes started this weekend.
    Thanks so much and best wishes on your new business venture I know it will be a success !!