Q and A: bread bucket and transporting canned goods — 4 Comments

  1. Cathy,

    Yes, that’s what I’ve done. Any liquor store will be glad to get rid of wine and liquor boxes and they are very heavily made; just perfect for canning jars. One down side, though, I’ll bed folks who saw all our booze boxes piled up outside the cabin wondered just how much we drank….. Funny because we don’t use alcohol. But I always wondered what people must think!

  2. I used wine boxes (free at any liquor store) for my canned goods when I moved. They have cardboard dividers.

  3. Every late fall, we drive from the top of Idaho on hwy 95, all the way down to the Sierras, taking hwy 88. Our car is loaded with my canned goods to share with the family. Same elevation at the summit on the route on hwy 80. We never had a jar “pop” a lid or lose its seal. I do leave the rings on. I just taught my daughter to can during our last visit. She can reuse the jars I bring when emptied.

  4. When I moved I bought socks at the thrift store and slipped them over my jars. In the boxes I only needed every other one to have a sock for padding and none came out broken!