Another cold snap lets me work inside this week — 13 Comments

  1. On my little greenhouse – the boys made it when the oldest was about 12 – I have put chicken wire under the plastic on the roof. It stands up to snow loads, hail, and wind much better. Maybe it would help on the hoop houses.

  2. Thanks Jackie, I been thinking of taking a trip to a small Amish town near here. They have a really great hardware store there, and I’m betting I could pick up a grinder that will last and work well, from them. They have one fantastic restaurant there, too. Their cinnamon rolls will almost cover a 7″ plate.

  3. belle,

    We’ll have doors on each end which we’ll open each morning as it WILL get hot in there with no ventilation. There are automatic vent openers that you could use in large, lightweight windows on top of the doors or beside them if you can’t get there to open the doors as well as large fans on timers if you needed them.

  4. Cindy,

    The beaver pond is just now melting; part clear with a little ice in the middle. Soon I should be seeing beavers. We’ll see what they say in a few weeks.

  5. gen,

    I use my manual meat grinder every year to make my relish. I also grind left-over roast beef, onions and potatoes to make hash, among other things. A very handy tool.

  6. jackie , do you have to really increase the ventilation with the longer hoophouse? here in Maine it is still cold at night but days go over 125 in the greenhouse before I get there to open it up!

  7. May you and Will and all of your family have a very blessed Easter.

    It is 41F here now (with high winds) and we are west of you. It will be coming your way soon. My indoor tomatoes look almost as good as yours and I am a rank amateur so for now I am feeling good. (Of course the aerial crop dusting so common on the western plains usually wipes mine out – I still am starting out optimistic – again!)

    May the Easter bunny visit – but leave your seedlings alone!

  8. Jackie, We too changed our plastic last year to 6 mil and it does hold up better. Yes, it costs more but holds up much better!! Even with the heavy snow it is still there.

    Your tomatoes are gorgeous!! It makes you drool to think of the fruit they will bear in just a few short months.

    So have you seen those rascal beavers yet??

    Happy Resurrection Day to you!!!

  9. I wish you and yours a wonderful Easter full of peace and joy. Your homestead is slow in waking up this spring but I know that when it does…it will take off and produce some of the BEST tomatoes ever. God bless you all and thank you for sharing your lives with us. It helps keep me going. :)

  10. Happy Easter! Nice looking set of tomatoes.
    I was looking at manual meat grinders today, the boxes didn’t say, but I THINK a person could use them to grind vegies for canned relish. They looked like what my ex mother in law used when we made green tomato relish. I don’t want an electric grinder, it really didn’t take a lot of time to use the manual one. I’m trying to make do with non electric appliances, especially the small ones. I live in a total electric area, and this winter was extremely hard on the wallet, lol. It isn’t really cold here any more, just damp and chilly, I’m sorry it’s still being what I consider FRIGID in your neck of the woods. Our tulips have bloomed, and the red buds are beautiful. Our pear trees have blossomed, so I’m praying we don’t have a late freeze. I’m re reading your books, and I wish I could pre order your new one, but it will just have to remain on my wish list for while. OH, and I forgot to tell you, the turkey my dad and I canned, he is LOVING IT. (He uses the pressure canner, I do the prep work!)

  11. I was desperate enough to garden today that I planted 2 tomato seeds outside in wall-o-waters, but I filled them with hot water instead of cold. We’ll see how that works. It was a tomato variety I have plenty of, so I could afford to experiment.