It was sixty degrees and sunny for Easter — 5 Comments

  1. Debbie,

    Hey, I can up about everything. But doggie mines??? I don’t think so!!!

  2. Hi,
    So glad you had a nice Easter and it was warm. Laughing about the doggie land mines. My chore for tomorrow. Ugh. Where did you find the Oreole feeder? There are several that come around and they do love grape jelly and oranges. I’ve been just sticking a half orange on the top of the fence post and then filling it with jelly when they eat the orange but would love to have a real feeder. Put up the hummingbird feeder on the 14th. They usually show up about that time and sure didn’t want them to go hungry after their long flight. So far there are several and by summer there will be a zillion. I go through about 10 pounds of sugar a week then.

  3. Jackie
    I put out my hummingbird feeders yesterday and we had two ruby throated hummers arrive today. I was so excited. I love those little birds.
    I don’t put out feeders for the orioles but will look into it this week.
    Have a great week!!
    Rita (

  4. Oh, my, I was reading too quickly and initially thought you wrote that after cleaning up the “doggie mines” you were “off to can THEM” instead of “off to can HAM.”