Had a wonderful Mother’s Day — 3 Comments

  1. Rain at 5000 ft elevation off and on for the last week and a half. Glad I dont live on the mountains I look at from my front door they are still getting snow. Poor plow drivers having a hard time keeping some of the roads open. Thanks for sharing your pictures of you family. I miss the midwest and all the local greenhouses to visit. Sorry your dozer is still sick both our tillers were sick both were healed today. Thanks for sharing what you are doing with your plants it really helps me know where I should be also.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Jackie! Those cute grandchildren are growing fast! Rain also for our Michigan area all of this week. Makes getting outdoor chores done harder.

  3. Your young’uns have really grown! And cute! We have finally had a bit of rain, been under a burn ban and water conservation for quite a while. Imagine, green, growing, grass! Now if the wind would die down a bit.