Q and A: storing honey and canning lids — 3 Comments

  1. Years ago as a new, self-taught canner I simply wiped the rims of the jars, wet the lids and canned the food. Nearly every seal failed. Eventually I realized that the simmering water softened the compound for a better seal. I don’t think I would ever trust a lid without simmering it again.

  2. Not only is there no need to can honey (as indicated), but canning would pasteurize honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most store bought honey is not only heat treated, but it is also diluted with corn syrup (the phrase “pure honey” means PURIFIED honey, not 100% honey). Both the heat treating and diluting of honey tends to extend the time before it will crystalize. In many European countries, honey is used in it’s crystalized state in many cases. ALSO, do NOT add water to honey (not even a drop!) unless you want mead (fermented honey).

    I am a beekeeper in TX.