Q and A: fruit trees and watermelon dying and red cabbage for Amish coleslaw — 1 Comment

  1. Mary Ann, the treatment Jackie described for your trees (remove the leaves and most branches) may save them if you do the heavy watering she suggested and your growing season is long enough. You are removing the stress of keeping all that branch and leaf tissue alive with roots that may be compromised. You are turning the tree back into an unbranched whip. If you want more information about why it works, that procedure is described in Sepp Holzer’s book called Permaculture. You might also try watering with Lilly Miller root stimulator. My concern from what you wrote is your description of brown patches on the trunk. Those brown patches could be bacterial canker. Really look closely at them, and if possible scrape a tiny bit of that dark brown bark off and look at the underlying trunk tissue. If it looks or smells odd, is discolored, your trees may have canker. Your county Extension sevice should be able to help you identify canker. Perhaps you can send them some photos? Bacterial canker is incurable and highly contagious. It can be spread by birds or bees, but especially by humans. If you suspect that’s what it is you must remove the trees and roots and discard them in sealed plastic bags. Also disinfect your tools wash your hands if you touch the trunks.