Food time at Jackie and Will’s homestead — 6 Comments

  1. gen,

    Get those pears girl!! Try wrapping a sheet of 4 mil plastic around each leg and taping it in place with duct tape. The sand burs won’t stick. Good luck.

  2. Diana,

    I love fall too; all the harvesting and canning. I have not been scheduled for the Preparedness Expo in Denver. But Dave and Ilene Duffy and Don Childers (the magazine’s longtime artist) will be manning the magazine’s booth in Denver on November 7th and 8th.

  3. Jackie, are you selling that beautiful Seneca Sunrise corn? I would love to buy some seed from you. Could you tell me how long it takes to mature? I am in zone 6-7. Thank you.

  4. Our trees have not yet begun to change color here in KS, hopefully we do get a colorful fall. Jackie, that pan of corn has my mouth watering, I love Mexican Corn. YUM! My dad and I are getting up the nerve to go pick pears off some abandoned trees. We did last year, and had sandburs up to our knees. I’m not looking forward to facing that again this year.
    I do hope you are beginning to feel much better.

  5. Love the maple!!

    I was just telling my friend today that I love fall, the garden winding down, buttoning everything up for winter and this is my first year with enough produce to can. It makes me feel very close to my grandmas who were both gardeners and canners.

    Will you – or your products – be at the Preparedness Expo in Denver in Nov.?