Q and A: canning in an autoclave and canning lard — 8 Comments

  1. Ellendra,

    They probably would, but the company has said that they “should not be used for canning”. It may just be a legal thing…..

  2. The sterilizer I got is one that looks exactly like the stovetop version, I wish I could attach a photo of it. It uses the same physics as a pressure canner, so I guess I assumed it worked the same. Why do they not work for canning?

  3. Sandy,

    I’m not supposed to answer questions here. See the RED box at the bottom of the comments, etc. Use the “click here to ask Jackie a question” link and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

  4. Ellandra,

    Do you have information on using this autoclave as a canner. I was told that you shouldn’t use one with electric heating for canning and would like to get that clarified.

  5. Sandy, to be on the safe side, I would use your lard for either the candles or soap if it smells OK once warmed. Sorry I can’t help with your other questions.

  6. Good morning…..I have been an active follower of your blog for quite sometime now….I’ve learned so much from the information that you provide…so a big thank you! my question is this…I rendered down my own fresh tallow in the fall of 2012…I’ve found a few jars in my fridge, that appear to be okay, with no smell to them, however there appears to be some discoloring on the bottom of the jars…? I don’t see it running throughout, just a few veins on the bottom ? ? should I toss it…or can I use it ? if it’s to be tossed…can we make candles out of it ? or soap ? I just don’t want to waste it if I can avoid it….I made lard last fall in 2013..I store it also in the fridge…how long will it keep to your knowledge…it’s a consistent temp and dark unless I’m getting something out of it…I just don’t want to loose any or poison my family lol….thanks again for all your knowledge…Your one smart cookie!
    Have a fantastic day
    Sandy in Hamilton Ohio

  7. I found an All American sterilizer that works exactly like their pressure canners, except that it has a built-in heating element, like a crock pot does.

  8. Jackie & Carol – I heard a tip years ago to wipe the tops of jars having fatty or oily products in them with a cloth or paper towel just dampened with vinegar. It really cuts the grease and works great.