Fall baby goats are arriving — 13 Comments

  1. Tami/TX

    I used to have a commercial dairy goat herd and routinely had does come into heat during the spring/summer and I could breed to keep a steady flow of milk to sell at a cheese factory. They don’t display so much heat signs in the warmer months, but often do cycle.

  2. Holly,

    Dogs can be funny. My first Lab’s father was one heck of a duck and goose retriever. One day on the blind, his master discovered his Lab bringing in a goose the man had not shot. On turning, he saw a pile of ducks and geese behind him….that he also had not shot. Then behind the dog came an irate hunter. Seems the Lab had gotten bored with the slack hunting and had gone off and retrieved birds from others’ blinds!

  3. Ralphy,

    Yes, I know coyotes are tough. I don’t think Hondo is old enough to really attack a coyote but he sure gets mad when they come around and tears off to bark savagely at them. (But he does like Spencer right behind him.) In New Mexico, we had two older Labs and a collie. When the coyotes came around the whole “pack” would rush out barking. Pup, our male would bowl right into them and coyote hair would fly! Wab, our spayed female would just stay back and bark. The collie would stop at the fence and bark. AND our cat, Pedro Gonzales, would charge after them. But stop at the fence. We sure didn’t want Pedro to “catch” a coyote. It was funny to see all four go “chase” coyotes off, though! (Pup never got a bite and, of course, had his rabies shots up to date.)

  4. MayKits,

    We “think” Hondo is Australian Shepherd/neighboring dog? as the people he came from have an Austrailian Shepherd mom dog. The Papa? Who knows? Sometimes I think it was a wolf! He has yellow eyes and looks you right in the eye like a wolf does. Just kidding about the wolf cross but we sure don’t know about the papa.

  5. Interesting having dairy goats kid at this time of year. Meat goats breed year around…….. Dairy goats…….. They are seasonal. Fall through about Feb. Gestation 150+/- a few. I have raised registered dairy for 12 years. I went with bottle babies (ALL (and I mean ALL) dairy goats should be bottle raised) from December until September…….. I am ready for this break. I have 24 does, 3 bucks and then the “heathens”.

  6. Our Hunting/farm/watch dog took off yesterday to work for a “guest” hunter……pointed, flushed and retrieved pheasants for him. Glad it was someone we knew…..others might not have returned him! A good dog is worth MORE than his/her weight in gold!

  7. It’s good to see Hondo taking ownership. The question is, is his bite as good as his bark? Coyotes may not be all that big but they’re tough buddy!

  8. Wow, that is some awesome watching. What breed(s) is Hondo. I love reading about your farm and the activities on it. Thank you so much!

  9. Hondo does look like a great dog. Tell Will to get busy with the cement mixer. I’ll expect to see some results soon.