Keeping busy even when it’s cold — 7 Comments

  1. Wally,

    Naw… Will thought so too, but the ash is starting to rot; it has punky spots so it’s not good for lumber. Darn…But he did get in two BIG solid ash logs that he’s going to cut into two inch lumber so he can put the shelves up to finish our rock wall behind the wood stove in the living room.

  2. Dallen Timothy,

    I’m working on our listing right now. We’re even getting our own website for our mini-seed business. It shouldn’t be much longer. Every day I’m setting out new batches of seeds so that we’ll have enough once the new listing is posted.

  3. We feel for you with the cold weather our had been the same here in northern Wyoming neat the Montana border. Yesterday was warmer but very strong winds. Cooler today Wednesday. Cooler until the weekend for us. I wish I had a wood cook stove. One day in the someday house it is post of the plan. Stay warm and great looking seeds.

  4. The seeds look fantastic. When might you have your seed list updated with seeds from this past summer and fall?

  5. I guess the natural way is usually the easiest even with cows! No science needed!
    Stay warm!