We’re babysitting Buddy — 5 Comments

  1. Cindy,

    It sounds like your corn needs “mo’ poo poo” or more manure! This is nearly always the case when corn does this. Corn is a very heavy feeder of nitrogen and if you’ll not only work in some more manure but also side dress the rows of corn when they’re about six inches tall, I guarantee you’ll see a huge difference.

  2. Always love hearing what’s happening with you two. Received my seeds yesterday. So excited for spring to come!

  3. Oh Jackie and Will I just love your house! It’s lived in!! So isn’t ours. Ours will never be a “palace” where everything is always in place.

    Your dogs and turkey are too funny!! We used to have a goose that chased the dog. I have a flock of chickens that run up to greet me. Isn’t it just a warm feeling?

    I have a really hard time growing corn. I would love to try yours but every year our corn grows then stops 1/2 way up and starts making ears. Do we have something missing in our soil? Yours always looks so tall and healthy.

    Thank you for brightening my day with your stories!! Cindy

  4. I just wanted to tell you I started the broccoli seeds I bought from you on Sunday and they are already sprouting!! Can’t wait to see how they produce!