We have been busy with more planting — 4 Comments

  1. Zelda,

    We’ve been buying Glenn’s seeds for years. Such a wonderful selection. This year we’re trialing one of his sweet corn varieties, Yukon Supreme and we’ll see how that does as it’s an extra early open pollinated sweet corn.

  2. Rick,

    Soon!!! If you go to the Mason Marshall website I think they’re going to be offering a pre-sale listing of the second book in the Jess Hazzard series. Or I’ll let you know here on the blog when I’ll get my copies and you can get an autographed copy.

  3. Glenn Drowns of Sand Hill Preservation Center produces some of the finest seeds and plants to be found anywhere. His corn seed will do well for you. I buy my sweet potato slips from him and even in the semi-arctic climate where I live by following his planting instructions exactly I get a crop using varieties for northern climates. You can buy anything of his with complete confidence.

  4. Miss Jackie, Let us know when we can order the new book Autumn of the Loons….I would like to send my check and request ASAP…..can’t wait for Jess further adventures…..Rick