It’s finally drying out — 6 Comments

  1. Jackie, a Kindle fire has internet capabilities. It is just like a tablet only smaller. I love mine for trips as I can do puzzles, read a book, play solitaire, Candy Crush (a matching type game with many levels), get on the internet wherever that there is wireless internet connections. I read your blog on it as well as us my facebook with it. Tons of free games that can be downloaded into them. Not to heavy to hold in the hand and even the older Kindle fires have color screens.

  2. Elizabeth,

    No secret. We just do a section at a time with out big Troybilt Horse tiller, tilling between the squash/pumpkin rows with the tractor tiller until the vines have run so far we can’t any more. Then there’s hoeing and hand weeding between the plants; they does get a “bit” tedious!!

    Yes, we’ve tried Sweet Meats but still like a few better, like our Hopi Pale Greys.

  3. Lisa,

    The reason we need a laptop or tablet is so that Javid can get online while he’s having to lay down due to his pressure sores healing. He can read but that gets old for him. (I’d rather read!) Thank you for the offer of your Kindle but maybe someone else would get better use out of it.

  4. Also, have you tried the Sweet Meat squash variety that has received so much attention lately?

  5. How in the world do you keep that beautiful corn field weeded? The kids and I are STRUGGLING to keep our (large-ish) garden weeded so the seedlings will not have the competition. What is your secrete?

  6. Hi Jackie,

    I just logged on, and saw you were asking for a laptop or tablet. I dont have either of those, but i do have a kindle that I would be happy to send. Contact me if that will help. It is a kindle fire, not new, but it is barely used.

    Lisa Graves