When the weather’s perfect… — 6 Comments

  1. Miss Iris,

    I sure hope your weather evens out. It seems to get stuck in either dry or wet! I, too, grew up on the song Yellow Rose of Texas. Mom used to play it on the piano all the time. Yes, I sure will make sure I increase my rose. Right now it’s blooming its head off and we really love it. Home Sweet Home.

  2. gen,

    I’m so happy you’re taking off like a rocket! And that you’ve discovered how easy and FUN canning is. Go girl!!!

  3. Texas is all but under water this year! Horrible drought years have gone and everything is so green. Jackie, hope you can take some cuttings from that rose and get some more roses growing around your beautiful home. I grew up on the song, Yellow Rose of Texas. You wouldn’t believe my Provider green beans – despite all the rains and floods they have done great!!!

  4. Jackie, I have an old laptop, that needs a home, but I would like for my tech savvy sil to look at it to be sure it would even be usable before I gave it to someone. He travels a lot so I am not sure when I can pin him down to look at it. But keep that in mind. Yellow Rose of Texas. I have one, but here in east TN, it bloomed way back in March and early April!

  5. We have always had white roses, I don’t know why, but the white rose means home to my family. My miniature white rose has been totally covered in blossoms this spring.
    Not much planting going on, but I did get 16 qts. of corn put in the freezer / off the cob. I’ve been cooking chicken quarters, and stripping the meat, storing in the freezer until next week, (20 lbs w/bones) when we are going to put up in pints using the broth I’m going to make from the bones, also stored in the freezer at the moment. It isn’t a lot, but we’re moving forward. I found a recipe for canning sweet and sour chicken, and I have five pounds of chicken breast that we’re going to use for that recipe. Little by little, I’m moving forward, and I have your influence to make me want to try. Thanks! OH, I’m going to make corn cob jelly and corn cob syrup this week too, LOL! I saw where you can dry out the very well used cobs, and use them as fire starters, so I’m also going to do that. My daughter bought a very nice little outdoor fireplace for us to enjoy this summer. I have been buying different types of dried beans, pinto beans w/ham, 16 bean soup w/some vegies and ham, and chili con carne are in the near future. My dad and mom sampled our canned vegetable soup, and he has ideas of tweaking our next batch. I already have all the supplies for that, too.We intend to spend every day for the next 2 weeks canning something – other than June 23rd, my first of 2 days of food preservation classes at the county extension here. They are covering waterbath and pressure canning, dehydrating and freezing. I am looking forward to that, too. Jackie, I am HAVING FUN!