Q and A: storing cheese and growing apricots — 3 Comments

  1. Zelda,

    It’s kinda hard to spray spinosad on the young fruit but not blossoms as a lot of times there are both tiny fruit and blossoms on the tree at the same time. I like the Surround, but you’re right, you DO have to spray it periodically until about July to both build up a coat and replace the white coat after it rains. But when you’re as desperate for fruit as we seem to be, it’s worth the extra work. It only takes a few seconds to spray a tree; we keep one designated sprayer loaded and just take a spin around the orchard. Only our plums and apricots seem affected. They don’t seem to like our apples.

  2. You can also spray your young fruit (not blossoms) with spinosad or Serenade in early morning or late evening so it dries before bees are out foraging. Both will kill bees. My biggest problem other than birds pecking at the fruit is earwigs, which climb my trees, bore into the fruit, and eat it from the inside out. The fruit looks OK until you open it up. Tanglefoot and other sticky products on the trunks don’t seem to stop them. Only way I know to deal with them is traps on the ground. Surround works but has to be constantly re-applied to be effective so I gave it up.

  3. I got caught up in the idea of waxing store bought cheese at home for storage. I don’t know how much money I wasted doing this as it all went bad. The lady on this other website swore that it works and she does it all the time, but she must have a very cool storage place like you said.