My garden is growing very well this year — 7 Comments

  1. Prayers for Will, wouldn’t want a thing to happen to a man that knows how to smile. The garden is looking beautiful!

  2. LIsa,

    Sorry, but I didn’t go on my computer until today, Friday. We left at 3:30 AM and drove right down. I wish we would have stopped by to visit you but it was kind of a whirlwind trip/ an hour at the VA Hospital, drive north, pick up Javid’s van, drive home. Puff, pant. We’ll wait to see that the doctors say on Will’s CAT scan. Your broccoli will get heads, just wait.

  3. I figure this will be too late for you to read… cause I am sure you are heading to the VA on Friday not Saturday, but if you are reading this and have time to stop by, we are just a short couple miles of 35E in the Como park area and would love to see you both. Hope Bill’s appt goes well, and we’ll say some prayers over here as well. Also, I thought my rhubarb was huge, but I think you have won the honors! same goes for broccoli… which by the way, mine is still not crowing yet… any ideas?? Safe travels.