My good old rhubarb, a Victoria old-fashioned rhubarb is now over my head. Check out the photo of it next to the hoop house. The stalks are as big around as my wrist. We’re saving seeds from it this year.

I measured one head of broccoli and it’s 16 inches across. Wow, it lived up to its name “Goliath!”

The tomatoes are starting to set and the vines are shooting upward in their cages. Will finished the cages for the rest of the tomatoes. We now have more than 107 caged tomatoes in the garden, and a bunch uncaged, out in the pumpkin/corn patch. Crystal and Will have been working at fencing that big field and have six foot high fence up on two sides with another pile of fencing waiting to go up on the posts they’ve already driven. Another big job nearly done!

Tomorrow Will and I have to go to the VA Hospital in Minneapolis to have the spots on his lungs checked out. It’s been a year since they were discovered when he had a CAT scan for his kidney stones. They wanted to wait a year so they could compare the size, etc. I’m pretty nervous about it but have been praying constantly, hoping all will work out well. On the way back, we’ll stop at my oldest son, Bill’s, and pick up Javid’s van. Bill, a mechanic, among other skills, has gone through the van and made sure any issues were taken care of. Now we’ll be able to easily transport Javid to both doctor’s appointments and home for visits in his power wheelchair. It’ll be much easier on Will’s back as he previously had to lift him in and out of the car. Javid’s really happy to be having wheels again and a laptop computer to “play” on while he is forced to lay down during the day.

Well, I’ve got to go — I’m going to plant some summer squash, Swiss chard, kale, and rutabagas out on the pumpkin patch where some old corn seed failed to germinate. — Jackie


  1. Prayers for Will, wouldn’t want a thing to happen to a man that knows how to smile. The garden is looking beautiful!

  2. LIsa,

    Sorry, but I didn’t go on my computer until today, Friday. We left at 3:30 AM and drove right down. I wish we would have stopped by to visit you but it was kind of a whirlwind trip/ an hour at the VA Hospital, drive north, pick up Javid’s van, drive home. Puff, pant. We’ll wait to see that the doctors say on Will’s CAT scan. Your broccoli will get heads, just wait.

  3. I figure this will be too late for you to read… cause I am sure you are heading to the VA on Friday not Saturday, but if you are reading this and have time to stop by, we are just a short couple miles of 35E in the Como park area and would love to see you both. Hope Bill’s appt goes well, and we’ll say some prayers over here as well. Also, I thought my rhubarb was huge, but I think you have won the honors! same goes for broccoli… which by the way, mine is still not crowing yet… any ideas?? Safe travels.


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