As usual, our beavers were right — 2 Comments

  1. I think this is the first year that the beaver prediction matched your area but not mine. We’ve had a very wet summer so far, but not wet enough to flood.

    Actually, it’s been perfect. I didn’t even have to water the trees I planted. Although I can’t say I’m fond of the fungal problems some of my plants are having. Powdery mildew took out the peas, and some of my sunflowers have mold growing on the seedheads before the petals have even dropped.

  2. We had a 1/2 inch of rain yesterday–the first since the end of June. Not one drop in July. We had some rain in June and a whole month of rain in May so still have a lot of stored water in ponds and lakes, but the soil was crying for water. Our garden is mulched deeply but still had to be watered (soaker hoses) more often than we wanted to. The heat of 100+ for three weeks left everything struggling. We planted chard in early July and watered it deeply and sprayed it frequently to cool it. Now it is going great to give us a lot of fall greens before the kale (not planted yet) comes off. Fall garden goes in next week. We’ll have to be careful to protect from rabbits–they think we are planting crops just for them. They ate an entire 15 foot row zinnias when they were 4 inches tall.